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Ended up seeing another movie today with my husband's family. We saw Huntsman Winter's War and it was enjoyable. It was bubbly, popcorn fairy tale fluff but it was exactly what I needed to watch today so I enjoyed it. The romance was cliche because fairy tale but a lot of fun. The costuming design was on point, oh my gosh, it's getting the cosplayer in me excited. Yes this was the most important thing I got from this movie which probably tells you what kind of movie it is. It's a perfect Netflix film and a guilty pleasure for me.

...But I want to cosplay the Snow Queen so badly lol

I am surprised that it only has a 16% on Rotten Tomatoes. I feel that's absolutely too low of a rating but I'm a nice reviewer and I realize that which is why I don't do actual reviews. I think the audience score of 51% is more accurate. I guess I think RT's rating system is weird because movies that I couldn't finish because they were so bad have higher ratings than some of the movies I like. I guess most of the hate for it is probably because they used a Snow Queen after Frozen, although she's more like the traditional SQ than Frozen which is a positive imo as someone who is a fan of the original tale. Also probably because it's a live action fairy tale which critics don't ever seem to know what to do with. I'll have to look at some of the reviews.
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