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2017-04-11 12:48 am
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Other places that I'm at for writing purposes. Somethings I'll just post here and then link to my tumblr. Honestly if you are following my DW or tumblr account than you'll have access to everything. Eventually there will be a masterlist for everything I write here.

Original writing:



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2017-09-01 05:35 pm

Updates and such

I've been away for awhile and haven't really posted much. This summer has been a bit crazy and I've been so busy. Time certainly flies. This summer I've been slowly working on my novel and if I keep this pace up I'll have it finished before November. I know myself and I know it won't happen.

I'll probably post snippets here to be reviewed. My goal is to have it ready for peer review by the end of the year. My Dad wants it by January 1 so that's my current goal.

The weather here is gorgeous. It's at a nice enough temperature to have the windows open and the air smells so nice. It has a bit of nip to it which I like. It's been great for writing. I hope it stays that way.

Anyway here's some fun Snow White stuff I got early for my 30th birthday. Thought it would be cute to look at.

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2017-04-19 12:50 pm
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So I've been thinking that I need to do more exercise. I've been terrible about it for the last three months. I"m thinking of doing this challenge:

It's sounds fun to me. I'm thinking I'm going to start with The Hobbit and then go into The Lord of the Rings challenges. A friend of mine is also wanting to do it so that's another reason to do it. I may end up recording my progress here.

I mowed the grass today so I'll probably start tomorrow.

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2017-04-15 01:36 pm
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So this morning I looked at my friends list and saw that I had made friends with a bunch of people with no pictures. Most of whom were duplicates of people I'm already friends with. I think I might have got hacked. I immediately deleted all the fake accounts and made a new password. I will have to be more vigilant I think. 

These type of things tempt me to leave FB but it's impossible to leave. I have too many people there who only communicate with me through FB. I have too many groups I'm in that only exist on FB. Heck Japanese Lolita and doll communities practically only live on FB at this point. I hope people start moving away from FB eventually though.
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2017-04-12 11:38 pm
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Writing Prompt: Birthright

So what I've decided to do get my mojo back is to take prompts daily and write a scene from that prompt. The scenes will probably be messy as I'm not really editing them or anything as the point is for me to just write without thinking too hard. This particular prompt is a bit longer than I anticipated so I split into two sessions. I'm trying to write about 500 words a day for the next month. You can read it or not. Maybe one day I'll come back and do the story properly.

So far I have completed two days worth of writing coming in at 1344 words.

Prompt: Birthright

Your whole life you have been educated as a royal of the court. Now you have discovered your lineage isn’t what everyone thought. Will you try to preserve your station by removing any evidence. or embrace your new life as a wandering commoner?

Gotten from:


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2017-04-04 11:48 pm
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Writing Update

In the next few weeks I'm going to start linking my fanfiction as well my original stuff to Dreamwidth. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to post stories here or not. The point of this is I need feedback. I've gotten back into the swing of writing daily. I'm rusty when it comes to writing I hate to admit. I'm also thinking of putting some world building stuff up as well to get feedback. So tell me what you all think of anything I post that interests you.

For the past couple of years I haven't really posted anything on my journals that isn't life related or a review of media. I normally have a goodreads challenge update up by this time but my reading is a little odd this year. I will post in the coming days an update as I've read quite a bit. I just now realized that I hadn't which is why it's here.

Anyway, once I start publishing things I'm going to make a sticky with a masterlist of all my work so it's easy to find. So if you like stuff be sure to check that. My goal is starting this week to have some bit of writing up every week.
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2017-01-11 11:11 am

Just random stuff

I'm home after my trip and my internet is super wonky OMG. I'm lucky if anything loads. Although it's better today than yesterday. I have about 7 fics I need to publish on tumblr as they were meant to be out by December 24.

With the internet down last night I finally tried Final Fantasy 15. I'm not sure how much I really like it. The game play is fun but the way they're doing the story feels so disjointed. I ended up quitting and playing Skyrim for a bit but who knows sometimes it takes me awhile to get really into a game. I'm actually enjoying playing Final Fantasy I more on my Ipad.
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2017-01-06 11:21 pm
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Final Fantasy I Story

Today I was playing Final Fantasy I on my Ipad. I was trying to get my new classes today and so I was searching the dragon caves. Well I sometimes have a hard time controlling my character because the controls are a bit finicky and I accidentally went into the hellfire chasm.

I couldn't just walk back out and I was stuck. So I wandered a bit, did a few battles before thinking "Oh, I'll just upload my old save after this battle"

So I finish the battle. Opened up the menu and...saved...over my previous save.

And I sat there for a moment and then I basically said "What the f*ck? Why did I f*cking do that? That was really stupid. OMG I'm so pissed!!!!"

I was so mad I decided the best course of action was to just die, but I was so over leveled that the enemies were barely damaging me. So I went to the next level and let myself walk on the hot lava floor and didn't heal myself at all. I got all the way to the fifth level and only my Black Wizard was close to dying at 13 health.

I entered and a room and behold a boss.

I have my warrior, monk, and black mage attack/use magic and was finally going to have my white mage heal because boss battle. Well my warrior, monk, and black mage all went and then the boss Tsunami-ed my ass and I finally died.

And I was like...but I didn't want to die this time...

So I did the mature thing and quit.
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2017-01-06 08:51 pm
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Update on the things going on in my life

This is a rare personal post that is going to remain public because I just realized that I just friended a bunch of people and now I'm going to be disappearing for four days. I'm going on a mini vacation to San Diego which I'm excited about because 1) warm weather, 2) I get to see some family I haven't seen in about six years and 3) I've never been to San Diego.

This past couple weeks have been tough. My Grandma passed away December 29 and her funeral was this Tuesday. It happened very fast. The Tuesday before she died the doctors said she would be going home that Friday. Wednesday afternoon she suddenly took a turn for the worst. We were driving home from visiting my in-laws and were six hours away when we got a call saying to hurry home that it looked bad. By the time we got there they had induced sleep to perform a CT scan. That night she progressed worse and my Dad and his siblings had to make the choice to pull the plug on her life support or not. We ended up choosing to pull the plug because everything in her body was shutting down.

So I didn't get to see her awake but I did speak with her on Tuesday. I think maybe I should have known it was worse than I thought it was because for the first time she admitted to me that she was in pain. We only spoke for a few minutes and it was a terse conversation but she was in a lot of pain.

A lot of things in my life are going to change. I did a lot of things with her. We went to the theater, to concerts, out to eat, shopping, and all sorts of things. I visited her often, although not as often as I would like. It's a weird feeling because I know we did a lot together and yet I still think I could have done more with her. I don't really feel guilty so much as just sad we didn't get to spend as much time as we usually do together. She was fun to talk to. I'll miss her greatly. I'm at a much better place these last couple of days since the funeral.

It didn't help that during the funeral I was sick and have only now just recovered from the cold I had. I'm kind of ready for this trip to San Diego but there is also a part of me that just wants to stay home. I have school in two weeks and I feel so unrested for it.
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2017-01-06 05:00 pm
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About Me

Since I'm trying to get new friends and have had a couple already. I'm going to talk a little more about myself.

I have been involved in fandom since about the year 2000. My first fandoms were Harry Potter, Gundam Wing, and Sailor Moon. I was reading fics on FFnet when there were only six anime on the site which if you look at in now it's changed a whole lot. I primarily stalked Geocities shrines and anime music download sites (where the person would update weekly and post 5 new Japanese songs a week, the good old days).

My first LJ was in 2006 and I joined FFnet in 2005 I believe after 5 years of lurking only (and watching fandom drama unfold). I posted several fic that were never finished because I'm lazy let's be real here. I was on LJ through 2011 before leaving for tumblr where I've remained. I've had two tumblr accounts, one called fleurbleues which I abandoned because I needed a fresh start in fandom as I was following too many negative people who had taken away my enjoyment of fandom. So I now have a new fandom name.

I've been in many different fandoms, like the very thought of saying every fandom I've ever been in is exhausting. Maybe I'll make you a list. Anime is my primary source for fandom but it fluctuates every year. I use to fluctuate too when it came to reading slash, femslash, or het but now I pretty much read any at any given time. There are a few fandoms I'll always be a part of Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, and Fullmetal Alchemist are good examples of that. One Piece will be once I catch up.

From 2007-2010 I focused more on reading original slash stories. I'm very sad the original slash community seems to have broken apart since the people I followed started publishing.

I spend most of my time reading fanfics and looking at fanart. Although I'm trying to write more fanfics and finish them. I'm also working on a few original stories and hope to put them on Wattpad soon. I really regret those years I spent lurking instead of creating and making friends. I think I'm better about that stuff now.

I have a lot of interests outside of fandom. I have a horse and have been riding horses since I was 11. They're a bit of an obsession of mine. I love animals though. I like sewing and knitting. Obviously I like writing. I love reading and always do a Goodreads Challenge. I also try to do NANOWRIMO every year and other NANO challenges throughout the year.

Occassionally I may talk about the RPG or board games I play with my friends. I love games and am thinking of doing some Let's Plays since everyone who watches me play thinks I'd do a good job.

I also collect dolls but I've slowed down a lot as space and money are huge detractors. I would love to get more seriously into Japanese Lolita but I haven't. I really like fashion especially historical fashion and Japanese Lolita, but I also enjoy Red Carpet events. On the opposite side of that spectrum I enjoy watching hockey and baseball but I'll rarely talk about them. Unless the Blues finally win a Stanley Cup for the first time ever in the franchises history, then I'm sorry but that might be the only thing I talk about for a week.

Right now I'm in my last year of school ever. These next two months will be very busy but I'll have my last summer off. I'm married to a wonderful man, but we don't have children yet although it's something I would like (just after school). I have a dog, a cat, and a horse.

As far as politics go I'm liberal although I probably won't talk about it too much, but in this age of Trump who knows right.

The thing I wish I could do again is travel but money is tight. I'd love to go back to Japan. I'm planning a trip to the beach this summer though so yay. I like to go to anime conventions.

Anyway that's all I think to say at the moment. Feel free to ask me any questions you have and/or introduce yourself here.
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2017-01-06 02:35 pm

I'm leaving

So I recently found out about the servers changing to Russia from California. I'm moving to Dreamwidth. It's probably only a matter of time before I get removed since I belong to a bunch of pro LGBT communities and Russian laws surrounding LGBT issues aren't good at all. While I think most of the deleted blogs are rumors with no substance I'm not sure how long that will last as I remember years past where they did delete many blogs.

I'm transferring everything to dreamwidth as I write this, once that is done I'll crosspost as long as I feel comfortable doing so. If they start deleting people again I'm out. If you want to friend me on dreamwidth I'm lily_everhart there.
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2017-01-06 02:24 pm
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(no subject)

I'm moving here from LJ. I'm so very sad that I must leave LJ for good, but the recent news has made it clear that it's time to move on. Hopefully I'll make new friends here. I have no idea how active dreamwidth is because I loved straight to tumblr, but I want to have a regular journal like this.

I'm hoping to backup my old LJ here soon.
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2016-05-20 12:51 am

Goodreads Challenge Update 2

I meant to update this awhile ago but I went through a dry spell reading and right now I'm going through 2-3 books a week all in the same week. I'm afraid this list isn't very interesting. They are almost all from the same series because that's what I'm into right now. I'm currently 2 books ahead of my reading goal but since I'll be reading the first trilogy of the Kushiel's Legacy series as well as the 3rd Wheel of Time Book, I'll slow down. Then I'll read manga to fluff up my list ;)

One Piece Manga Vol. 2- We get a proper introduction of Nami and our villain Buggy the Clown. This is probably my least favorite island adventure in the series. I find the villains tedious, Buggy doesn't appeal to me until much later. We do get some nice interactions between Luffy, Nami, and Zoro though and its fun to revisit the initial interactions between the first 3 members of the Straw Hats. The fights were fun although I'm not as fond of them now since I'm used to what the characters can do now. It's nice to see that the characters have grown so much.

Heir of Darkness by Anne Bishop- The second book in the trilogy. This books picks up where the last one left and details how Jaenelle heals and forms her court. Lucivar is very important in this one and it focuses a lot on Jaenelle and Lucivar's relationship and how it develops. There's a bit more lightheartedness in this book while Jaenelle is healing but the darker aspects of the series are still present. Daemon, Jaenelle's love interest has his mind shattered so he is MIA most of the story because of that. The writing is overall much better. The caste system that Anne Bishop made as well as how magic works in this book are explained much better. It feels more cohesive than the previous book. I also think Anne' Bishop's dialogue improves a lot in this book. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot.

Queen of Darkness by Anne Bishop- The third book in the trilogy. This is actually the best book of the three, no joke. It's actually really two stories wrapped into one. While the other books had that too I would say that Part 1 and Part 2 here do feel like separate stories within the same story. The first one deals with Daemon, whose regained sanity, trying to join Jaenelle's court and him and Surreal navigating the new family (Jaenelle's court) and adjusting to their new lives. The second half is all about how Jaenelle gets rid of the villains of the series. It can be quite brutal at times but it has a very good ending that leaves room for more but is satisfying on its own. Anne Bishop's writing here is about the same as the second book which is fine because it's pretty good. It was hard to put down. I read part 1 in one sitting and part 2 in another. While Anne Bishop's writing isn't the most glamorous or most beautiful it can suck you in with the wonderful characters.

The Invisible Ring by Anne Bishop- This fourth book is actually a prequel to the Black Jewels Trilogy. The cast is completely different and only Daemon makes a couple brief appearances. The story is told from Jared POV as well as the villains POV. I highly enjoyed this book. It's actually one of my favorites. The plot is super tight in this book and Jared is different enough from the main male characters of the trilogy to feel like a completely different person. His romance with Lia is bumbling and kind of sweet. This book also has best girl Thera who is amazing. I didn't notice much difference in the writing in this book either but I read the entire thing in one sitting so perhaps too fast to really notice the prose.

Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop- The fifth book in the series this one is a collection of short stories. The first one is I think an experimental short story by Anne. It's incredibly short and is from the viewpoint of a spider as she slowly becomes more sentient and gains knowledge to weave the Tangled webs from a dead dragon. It's interesting but I think too short to be memorable. The second story deals with how Lucivar met his wife Marian. It's super cute and Marian is adorable and fun to read about since she isn't super powerful. It's probably the best of the bunch and is super long, almost novella length. The third story deals with Saetan and how he became so feared. It's good but very dark. I'll not say much more than that. The final story is Daemon and Jaenelle figuring out their relationship and getting married, there is a subplot where a woman tries break them up which while fun reminds me too much of the Lucivar/Marian short story. Overall, the stories were a lot of fun. Many parts felt kind of like official fanfiction written by the author but I found that I didn't care all that much.

Tangled Webs by Anne Bishop: The sixth book is from Surreal's POV and has the silly plot. Basically Surreal and her friend Rainier (as well as a group of kids) get stuck in a haunted house that's trapped them in a game where they must find the exit without using craft(magic) otherwise they'll be stuck forever. The highlight of this book is actually before the action happens with the haunted house or spooky house as they call it in the books. There were actually a few scenes that made me laugh out loud. That being said it was probably my least favorite of the Black Jewels series so far. The spooky house part wasn't as interesting as it could be until Lucivar showed up. There are some things that happened that I think will have lasting effects of Surreal and Rainier so I know the story isn't completely pointless.

So yeah, my reading list this time is fairly boring. There are 9 books in the series and I'm on the 7th one right now, about 30% of the way through. I have Magi 2-8 to read and more One Piece manga to read as well. I plan to read Kushiel's Dart after I finish the Black Jewels Trilogy. I'm a third of the way through The Secret History of Wonder Woman which I'll make a separate post about when I finish as well as mention it in the next Goodreads Challenge Update.

So at this moment I've read 13 of 30 books.
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2016-05-11 07:47 pm

Huntsman Winter's War

Ended up seeing another movie today with my husband's family. We saw Huntsman Winter's War and it was enjoyable. It was bubbly, popcorn fairy tale fluff but it was exactly what I needed to watch today so I enjoyed it. The romance was cliche because fairy tale but a lot of fun. The costuming design was on point, oh my gosh, it's getting the cosplayer in me excited. Yes this was the most important thing I got from this movie which probably tells you what kind of movie it is. It's a perfect Netflix film and a guilty pleasure for me.

...But I want to cosplay the Snow Queen so badly lol

I am surprised that it only has a 16% on Rotten Tomatoes. I feel that's absolutely too low of a rating but I'm a nice reviewer and I realize that which is why I don't do actual reviews. I think the audience score of 51% is more accurate. I guess I think RT's rating system is weird because movies that I couldn't finish because they were so bad have higher ratings than some of the movies I like. I guess most of the hate for it is probably because they used a Snow Queen after Frozen, although she's more like the traditional SQ than Frozen which is a positive imo as someone who is a fan of the original tale. Also probably because it's a live action fairy tale which critics don't ever seem to know what to do with. I'll have to look at some of the reviews.
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2016-05-10 05:43 pm

Captain America Civil War

Saw Captain America today with my husband and his family. It was quite good. I've liked every Captain movie though so I shouldn't be that surprised. I was worried about the movie having too many characters but the movie used them all well. I actually enjoyed the villain because he fit with the theme of the movie so well. He won't be memorable or anything, I don't even remember his name, but he worked really well in the film unlike other villains which didn't add much to the film.

The standout characters besides Cap, Iron Man, and Bucky were Scarlet Witch and Black Panther. Black Panther especially had one of the most compelling stories in the movie (why is him movie coming out in 2018). All of the rest had their moments to shine, some more serious than others. I'm impressed by how well everyone was put into this movie. Like I'm just really impressed that each of the characters got at least one scene to shine.

I do want to mention Black Widow and say that she's more enjoyable here than she was in Ultron. The Russo Bros know how to write her character better than Whedon and I've been hearing that Black Widow is most likely going to get a movie. Finally, I'm super happy about that. I know there are people who don't want it because how dare a b-list superheroine get a movie when there are A-list superheriones to choose from like Wasp. I get that, I do, but I think we need accept that Black Widow is the A-list superheorine of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So I really hope she gets to have her own film. There are apparently talks of giving her three films but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Is this my favorite Marvel film? No, Winter Soldier is still my favorite, but I do thin the Captain America's films are the strongest of the trilogy films for individual characters. It certainly was better than Ultron which disappointed me a lot.

Oh and we saw the Doctor Strange trailer. It looks good but I'm bothered by some of the casting choices. I'm burnt out on Cumberbatch but he looks like he'll do well in the role. Tilda Swinton is playing a character that's clearly supposed to be Asian and it's difficult to not get past that. We'll see, I think it will be visually interesting to watch at the very least.
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2016-05-06 03:09 pm

These next few months activity will be slim most likely

So I've decided that I'm taking a two month vacation from Tumblr. I was getting way too irritated with the website and clearly needed a break. It was also starting to feel like an addiction and I felt it was taking away my motivation/discipline to do other things besides scroll through Tumblr. I want to also revamp my Tumblr and have for some time. I want to make my tumblr focus more on my writing, so instead of Tumblr being a blog where I just reblog random things I want to make it into a blog where I will post links to my fic/original stories and maybe meta/thoughts on what I'm currently watching and enjoying on TV or reading. I feel like my blog on tumblr lacks direction and focus and I'd like to change that.

I'm going back to school, taking some summer classes from mid-May to the end of June. I'm pretty excited to start school back up and have a schedule again. But I know the classes I'm taking will require my undivided attention. One is an online class and the other I meet MTWRF from 11:00-1:50pm in a classroom.

Not to mention that I have writing projects to work on and I can't be distracted by Tumblr. I'm trying to get a story set up for Wattpad/fictionpress. Links will be posted here as well as my Tumblr when I go back on. I have the first series of stories planned out. They will range from short story to novella length. My initial estimates of a May or June release aren't going to happen. Likely won't start posting the story until July when I have enough of a buffer ahead of chapter releases to make up for any times where I will inevitably have to focus on something other than writing. Also since I'm writing two stories at the same time it just makes sense for me to be able to be ahead of the game.

Also working with Serenity, my horse, on a regular basis trying to get get her ready for fall. I plan to do some fun shows with her and some clinics. I'm trying to get out to visit her at least MWF. So far things have been slow going and I expect since I won't be in town next week that I'll have to start things over. She's a nervous horse and so I have to be careful and prevent her from being overwhelmed by the things we are doing. She's is dead set against change but I want her to be comfortable with it.

I'm also working on our landscaping/garden. It's in terrible condition and its really bothering me. I plan to do most of it myself since my husband is completely uninterested. Basically taking out one bed at a time, removing all the weeds and plants that I don't want, mulching, planting any new plants, and redoing the bricks around the edge of our landscaping which are sinking into the ground. For now everything in the backyard will be pulled out and I'll mulch it but not plant anything. I also want to fix our fences and our porch and get everything nailed back in properly and maybe even powerhouse/paint the porch again.

Also my mother-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer yesterday. We are going to go visit them all of next week. It's a really shocking thing to find out. She is an incredibly healthy person. We don't know the stage yet but it's looking like stage 3. I lost my grandma a few years ago to lung cancer and so I'm familiar with this brand of hell. So obviously over everything else I'll be focusing on my husband's family. It doesn't feel real yet. I'll update what her prognosis is when we get the test results back. My husband is doing okay but I think he'll have a different reaction when he sees her Sunday.

I will try to stay active on here since it's unfortunately very easy to spend only 30 minutes on this site a day since activity is slow. But don't expect much except for updates on what I'm doing for awhile.
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2016-04-16 04:57 pm
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Not been very good about writing these last few days. Steam decided to release Final Fantasy 9 so I've been playing that. I've finished what would have been disc 1 of the PS1 version. Still FF9 has shown me that I don't just suck at jump roping in real life but in the virtual world as well...I gave up on it.

So this week I'm going to try and up my word count so that I can catch up with my Nanowrimo writing goal which is 30,000. Still in the planning stages for the serial book series I want to release on Wattpad. I think I may push the May the release goal back to June since I got behind on the story I'm working for on Nanowrimo. I also have a shipping manifesto to finish this coming week so I can have my friend beta it. So lots of writing to do these next couple weeks.
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2016-04-11 04:12 pm
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writer musings

Thinking of starting a serial magical girl, fantasy/fairy tale series on Wattpad where I'd update monthly. It's in the planning stages. As in I know the characters and I know most of their backgrounds and I have very vague ideas on the villains. I was thinking some stories will be heavily based on fairy tales that people know and others my own creation. I was thinking there would be multiple teams and each team will have their own themes and arcs (aka books). I haven't gotten too far.

If all goes according to plan it will start being released in May and go monthly at first and then when I get sufficiently ahead become biweekly. Hopefully there will be an interest. Part of me wanted this series to be a webcomic which is why it's been on the back burner for so long. I can't draw well enough to be webcomic author so I'm going to make the story into a serial. I think the format will suit the story well in that form.
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2016-04-01 02:50 pm
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Camp Nanowrimo

Started this National Novel Writing Month with a bang at 1839 words so far today and probably more tonight. Tomorrow I won't have the opportunity to write as I'll be going to dance practice, jogging/walking 3 miles with a friend and then going to my D&D game. But we'll see. I don't usually start off this well but this a novel I've been wanting to write for some time now. I kind of rushed through this scene so I definitely will be going back and adjusting it. There are things I know I need to add.

Feeling good about this month. I have stuff in the later half of April but if I can keep going with this pace I should be able weather the second half of the month. Last November I had so much going on; two vacations and my dog dying that I only got like 8,000 words written. While I'm going 50,000 again this time around I'll be happy if I just write most of the days in April.

I still haven't decided if I'll do the camp portion of Camp Nanowrimo. We'll see.