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I've been away for awhile and haven't really posted much. This summer has been a bit crazy and I've been so busy. Time certainly flies. This summer I've been slowly working on my novel and if I keep this pace up I'll have it finished before November. I know myself and I know it won't happen.

I'll probably post snippets here to be reviewed. My goal is to have it ready for peer review by the end of the year. My Dad wants it by January 1 so that's my current goal.

The weather here is gorgeous. It's at a nice enough temperature to have the windows open and the air smells so nice. It has a bit of nip to it which I like. It's been great for writing. I hope it stays that way.

Anyway here's some fun Snow White stuff I got early for my 30th birthday. Thought it would be cute to look at.

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In the next few weeks I'm going to start linking my fanfiction as well my original stuff to Dreamwidth. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to post stories here or not. The point of this is I need feedback. I've gotten back into the swing of writing daily. I'm rusty when it comes to writing I hate to admit. I'm also thinking of putting some world building stuff up as well to get feedback. So tell me what you all think of anything I post that interests you.

For the past couple of years I haven't really posted anything on my journals that isn't life related or a review of media. I normally have a goodreads challenge update up by this time but my reading is a little odd this year. I will post in the coming days an update as I've read quite a bit. I just now realized that I hadn't which is why it's here.

Anyway, once I start publishing things I'm going to make a sticky with a masterlist of all my work so it's easy to find. So if you like stuff be sure to check that. My goal is starting this week to have some bit of writing up every week.
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So I've decided that I'm taking a two month vacation from Tumblr. I was getting way too irritated with the website and clearly needed a break. It was also starting to feel like an addiction and I felt it was taking away my motivation/discipline to do other things besides scroll through Tumblr. I want to also revamp my Tumblr and have for some time. I want to make my tumblr focus more on my writing, so instead of Tumblr being a blog where I just reblog random things I want to make it into a blog where I will post links to my fic/original stories and maybe meta/thoughts on what I'm currently watching and enjoying on TV or reading. I feel like my blog on tumblr lacks direction and focus and I'd like to change that.

I'm going back to school, taking some summer classes from mid-May to the end of June. I'm pretty excited to start school back up and have a schedule again. But I know the classes I'm taking will require my undivided attention. One is an online class and the other I meet MTWRF from 11:00-1:50pm in a classroom.

Not to mention that I have writing projects to work on and I can't be distracted by Tumblr. I'm trying to get a story set up for Wattpad/fictionpress. Links will be posted here as well as my Tumblr when I go back on. I have the first series of stories planned out. They will range from short story to novella length. My initial estimates of a May or June release aren't going to happen. Likely won't start posting the story until July when I have enough of a buffer ahead of chapter releases to make up for any times where I will inevitably have to focus on something other than writing. Also since I'm writing two stories at the same time it just makes sense for me to be able to be ahead of the game.

Also working with Serenity, my horse, on a regular basis trying to get get her ready for fall. I plan to do some fun shows with her and some clinics. I'm trying to get out to visit her at least MWF. So far things have been slow going and I expect since I won't be in town next week that I'll have to start things over. She's a nervous horse and so I have to be careful and prevent her from being overwhelmed by the things we are doing. She's is dead set against change but I want her to be comfortable with it.

I'm also working on our landscaping/garden. It's in terrible condition and its really bothering me. I plan to do most of it myself since my husband is completely uninterested. Basically taking out one bed at a time, removing all the weeds and plants that I don't want, mulching, planting any new plants, and redoing the bricks around the edge of our landscaping which are sinking into the ground. For now everything in the backyard will be pulled out and I'll mulch it but not plant anything. I also want to fix our fences and our porch and get everything nailed back in properly and maybe even powerhouse/paint the porch again.

Also my mother-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer yesterday. We are going to go visit them all of next week. It's a really shocking thing to find out. She is an incredibly healthy person. We don't know the stage yet but it's looking like stage 3. I lost my grandma a few years ago to lung cancer and so I'm familiar with this brand of hell. So obviously over everything else I'll be focusing on my husband's family. It doesn't feel real yet. I'll update what her prognosis is when we get the test results back. My husband is doing okay but I think he'll have a different reaction when he sees her Sunday.

I will try to stay active on here since it's unfortunately very easy to spend only 30 minutes on this site a day since activity is slow. But don't expect much except for updates on what I'm doing for awhile.


Apr. 16th, 2016 04:57 pm
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Not been very good about writing these last few days. Steam decided to release Final Fantasy 9 so I've been playing that. I've finished what would have been disc 1 of the PS1 version. Still FF9 has shown me that I don't just suck at jump roping in real life but in the virtual world as well...I gave up on it.

So this week I'm going to try and up my word count so that I can catch up with my Nanowrimo writing goal which is 30,000. Still in the planning stages for the serial book series I want to release on Wattpad. I think I may push the May the release goal back to June since I got behind on the story I'm working for on Nanowrimo. I also have a shipping manifesto to finish this coming week so I can have my friend beta it. So lots of writing to do these next couple weeks.
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Thinking of starting a serial magical girl, fantasy/fairy tale series on Wattpad where I'd update monthly. It's in the planning stages. As in I know the characters and I know most of their backgrounds and I have very vague ideas on the villains. I was thinking some stories will be heavily based on fairy tales that people know and others my own creation. I was thinking there would be multiple teams and each team will have their own themes and arcs (aka books). I haven't gotten too far.

If all goes according to plan it will start being released in May and go monthly at first and then when I get sufficiently ahead become biweekly. Hopefully there will be an interest. Part of me wanted this series to be a webcomic which is why it's been on the back burner for so long. I can't draw well enough to be webcomic author so I'm going to make the story into a serial. I think the format will suit the story well in that form.
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I have a few LGBT stories I'm currently in the midst of brainstorming ideas for. I'm hoping to get outlines done this week and pump out a few chapters for one of them soon. Picking and choosing is hard but it will be whichever seems the most interesting to me when I finish the brainstorming/outlining process.

One is a fairly fleshed out steampunk story with a gay romance subplot. I have the four characters mapped out and a general sense of where the story is going to go. The characters have been in my head for quite some time but they disappeared for awhile while I worked on other stories. I've been thinking about them lately and have decided that I'm going to give it a go. I'm hoping to make this one publishable but we'll see how that goes.

The second story is a lesbian story and is a side story to a larger universe that I created for a massive book series I'm slowly working my way through (10 books massive). I'm actually unclear how long this story will go. I actually think it might end up getting written first simply because it will probably end up being a short story rather than a novella/novel.

It's been awhile since I wrote anything other than het so we'll see how this goes. The new year is seems to be going well so far for my creative juices. I've been working on my giant series so long it's great to be doing something different.

I also have several fanfic ideas but nothing substantial enough to talk about too much. I would love to get an Alibaba/Kougyoku story written because I have been obsessed with them lately. In the same series I would also like to write a ton of Titus/Sphintus fic since there is nothing for something that is practically canon.

I also have been interested in Star Wars fanfiction lately specifically Poe/Finn but I think I might go to the dark side and write some Kylo Ren/Hux (but those would be fairly dark).

I might write some Bravely Default fanfics when I finish the game specifically Tiz/Ringabel and Edea/Agnes but that's just written down as maybes and everything else comes first.

Other than that I have a couple Rei/Minako (Sailor Moon) fics I promised people forever ago and I should definitely try to get those done asap. I also am looking through Yultide New Year's Resolutions prompts since I defaulted in 2014 and I'm actually interested in doing it this coming year. OH and I also promised myself that this year I would finish two fanfics that I never finished back in 2008 (yikes!) and get those up. One especially is so close to being done it will probably take me a day to write it and another day to edit the whole thing and repost it (so maybe that should be top priority).

Deadlines are a problem for me so I'm going to be making some personal deadlines that I hope to keep throughout the year. I'm working on that at the moment. I'm brimming with ideas but I don't want to fizzle out. I tend to abandon fanfic ideas in favor of my original stories so we'll see how much of this gets written in the next few months.


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