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Started this National Novel Writing Month with a bang at 1839 words so far today and probably more tonight. Tomorrow I won't have the opportunity to write as I'll be going to dance practice, jogging/walking 3 miles with a friend and then going to my D&D game. But we'll see. I don't usually start off this well but this a novel I've been wanting to write for some time now. I kind of rushed through this scene so I definitely will be going back and adjusting it. There are things I know I need to add.

Feeling good about this month. I have stuff in the later half of April but if I can keep going with this pace I should be able weather the second half of the month. Last November I had so much going on; two vacations and my dog dying that I only got like 8,000 words written. While I'm going 50,000 again this time around I'll be happy if I just write most of the days in April.

I still haven't decided if I'll do the camp portion of Camp Nanowrimo. We'll see.
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