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I can't help it. I've got to master all the jobs in this game for every character. It's a bit addicting for me because grinding is my stress release and I've had a lot of stress recently. I'm doing pretty well at this game now because of my need to do this though. I breezed through chapter 5, no problems, thanks to my freelancer/vampire combo plus spiritmaster/white mage. Mimic is a beautiful thing to have this early in the game.

Also this game is seriously beautiful and the soundtrack is amazing. The story is typical JRPG nonsense but still enjoyable. I think it's probably for the best that I know pretty much what's going to happen in this game otherwise I'll be frustrated.

Before moving on from chapter 5 I need to make sure I get all the vampire genomes. Vampire is basically a blue mage which makes it the best mage class in my opinion. Just like Valkyrie is the best melee class because dragoon. You may think dragoon's are lame but you are wrong, jumping is the coolest thing (and I love Kain Highwind...).

I should put the game down and go to bed soon. It's 2:30am!


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