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Apr. 7th, 2010 10:09 pm
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Apparently you are not allowed to write fairy tales anymore. They are overdone, and should never ever be written, and you should not show the world your drivel. At least, according to my Creative Writing professor. I guess I was wrong when I thought you could write whatever you wanted, as long as it ended up decent in Creative Writing. I say decent because I never have enough time to edit. I'm more annoyed (really pissed) that he wouldn't even let me finish telling him what my story was about before he shot it down. Literally I said, "My story is going to have some fairy tale elements..." and he interrupted me with "No, never write a fairy tale blah blah blah about how fairy tales are cliche and should no longer be written." Seriously I was pissed off. 

Then fifteen minutes later he was saying fantasy is not legitimate writing for a modern day Creative Writing class. It was okay, if you wanted to write a really unoriginal story. Excuse me, I write fantasy because I enjoy it, and I think it is capable of having meaning. Maybe there is "no original story" in fantasy, but there isn't any in modern realism either. I'm sorry I'm not articulate right now. I guess I might be showing that I'm not an English major by being surprised by this.

In other news I saw Princess and the Frog. It was an okay Disney movie, nothing special, except for the colorful animation. I want posters because they use color so well.

I saw Up for the first time too and thought it was good, but not as good as everyone was saying. I felt like it had a strong beginning and end, but the middle was kind of boring for me. It was better then Princess and the Frog.

I also went and saw How to Train Your Dragon which was awesome. It was my favorite movie I saw over break.

I also saw Clash of the Titans (lots of movies this break) and I have mixed feelings about it. The liberties they took kind of really annoyed me, like making Hades evil. There was no need for that really. I actually liked Perseus with Io rather then Andromeda but it really confused me for most of the movie. To sum it up, I loved the movie if I'm not thinking about the original story, and I disliked it if I think about the original. I think I have to see it again before I really have any idea whether I like it or not. I'll rent it again when it comes out.


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