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Today I was playing Final Fantasy I on my Ipad. I was trying to get my new classes today and so I was searching the dragon caves. Well I sometimes have a hard time controlling my character because the controls are a bit finicky and I accidentally went into the hellfire chasm.

I couldn't just walk back out and I was stuck. So I wandered a bit, did a few battles before thinking "Oh, I'll just upload my old save after this battle"

So I finish the battle. Opened up the menu and...saved...over my previous save.

And I sat there for a moment and then I basically said "What the f*ck? Why did I f*cking do that? That was really stupid. OMG I'm so pissed!!!!"

I was so mad I decided the best course of action was to just die, but I was so over leveled that the enemies were barely damaging me. So I went to the next level and let myself walk on the hot lava floor and didn't heal myself at all. I got all the way to the fifth level and only my Black Wizard was close to dying at 13 health.

I entered and a room and behold a boss.

I have my warrior, monk, and black mage attack/use magic and was finally going to have my white mage heal because boss battle. Well my warrior, monk, and black mage all went and then the boss Tsunami-ed my ass and I finally died.

And I was like...but I didn't want to die this time...

So I did the mature thing and quit.


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