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So what I've decided to do get my mojo back is to take prompts daily and write a scene from that prompt. The scenes will probably be messy as I'm not really editing them or anything as the point is for me to just write without thinking too hard. This particular prompt is a bit longer than I anticipated so I split into two sessions. I'm trying to write about 500 words a day for the next month. You can read it or not. Maybe one day I'll come back and do the story properly.

So far I have completed two days worth of writing coming in at 1344 words.

Prompt: Birthright

Your whole life you have been educated as a royal of the court. Now you have discovered your lineage isn’t what everyone thought. Will you try to preserve your station by removing any evidence. or embrace your new life as a wandering commoner?

Gotten from:


      “What’s wrong mother?’ Cynthia gasped as she took in the sight of her mother’s living quarters. It looked as if a storm had blown through; jewelry and clothes strewn all over the room and half the furniture in pieces, merely tinder wood now. Cynthia had seen her mother rage before, seen the explosion of magic burst out of her in a wave of utter destruction but this was the first time she had ever seen her mother do it for seemingly no reason at all.

                An hour ago her mother had sat at the dinner table entertaining her guests as normal. Now her mother was on the floor, a sobbing mess. Her bright golden curls had fallen out in front of her face. Cynthia’s mother looked up as Cynthia walked into the room hesitantly. She really didn’t want to set her mother off on her.

                Instead of growing angry like Cynthia thought she would her mother instead let out a wail and buried her face in her hands. “Oh Cynthia. I can’t believe….oh how we’ve failed you….should have known.”

                Cynthia walked up to her mother setting a firm hand on her mother’s shoulder. She felt her mother shudder at the touch. She spoke at barely a whisper, afraid she might startle her mother, “I’m sorry. I don’t understand.”

                “I barely understand, how could you understand,” abruptly Cynthia’s mother pulled away and when she looked at Cynthia her blue eyes glowed in anger this time instead of sorrow.

                “What happened? Maybe I can help.” Cynthia pleaded.

                “Landon spoke with me,” her mother began, still trembling. “He-he told me your father is married to another. That our marriage isn’t legal and that you aren’t the princess.”

                Cynthia stared at her mother blankly. She quite frankly didn’t know what to say to that. Landon had been the Court Wizard since Cynthia was a child, she loved Landon like an uncle. “How could he say such lies?” the words blurted out with such force that Cynthia jumped slightly.

                “They aren’t lies Cynthia,” her mother insisted sitting up. “There’s proof. To be honest, I-I knew that your father had many lovers before and after we were married. I didn’t expect this but I had expected bastard children.”

                It was too fast for Cynthia and she held up a hand, “Wait? What proof?”

                “A marriage contract and Landon performed the birthright ceremony on the young man and he passed the test although Landon thankfully hasn’t said a word to anyone but me and your foolish father.”

                “How did this happen,” Cynthia wondered as much to herself as she was asking her mother.

                Her mother shook her head, more strands of hair falling into her face, “Your father is above the law in his eyes. He is the king and in his eyes this means that he is above all. You know this about your father although you often don’t admit to it. “

                The last words were so bitter that Cynthia couldn’t help but feel a twinge of annoyance at her mother. If she preferred her father over her mother it was perhaps because her father was the one who spent time with her, expressed interest in her hobbies as well as her feelings, the one who was warm. Her mother was the one who was hot and cold, often one extreme and then the other. Cynthia felt far more comfortable with her father than her mother.

                ‘Mother,” Cynthia said trying to mask her exasperation. Judging by her mother’s sharp look she hadn’t succeeded as much as she would have liked.

                “You must admit that your father’s reputation has suffered greatly these past few years,” she said sniffing defensively. “I know that perhaps you don’t like to admit it being his daughter and all.”

                “Yes, his daughter,” Cynthia said sharply. “Quite frankly I’m uncertain that this person and her son have any real right.”

                Cynthia’s mother shook her head, “No they do. I saw it with my own eyes. Landon checked it with magic and found not a trace of it. It’s real.”

                “What will we do then? Does father know.”


                “Well, what did he say,” Cynthia demanded, although she knew that most likely her father had simply shrugged and said not to worry about it.

                “He said nothing helpful,” her mother confirmed. “As usual.”

                Under normal circumstances Cynthia would have leapt to her father’s defense but this was inexcusable, “How was he able to marry you?”

                “Your father is considered by many to be the greatest king. All he had to do was fill a few pockets with gold and he was able to marry me. Of course, he lied to my family, which will not go over well. My family is a minor noble family, they live in a small house in a small village. Life there will be very different.”

                “Can’t we do something about this,” Cynthia interrupted her mother a sharp feeling of panic entering her gut. Giving up her life would be impossible. “What about father? Surely-“

                “He’s going to honor the first marriage,” Cynthia’s mother said her voice cracking. “He has no choice. There will certainly be a scandal.”

                “What,” Cynthia said outraged. Her father would betray them like this?

                “Yes, we spoke before you came in,” Cynthia’s mom pushed her hair out of her face, her eyes filled with tears. “He feels he has no choice. The family is refusing to be bought this time and have already submitted the papers to the council. The choices are to say no and deal with the courts or say yes and remove us from court. It will be a popular decision. We are mages and the kingdom has….many issues with us because of that.”

                Cynthia stood up and paced the room. Tis was a lot more than she had bargained for when she had come into the room. A bit of anxiety swirled around her as she tried to think, but nothing came to mind. Her mother would not lie about these things.

                “There is one thing you can do,” Cynthia’s mother whispered, “but you must decide to do. Not me.”

                “What is it,” Cynthia said wearily, this sounded like something she wouldn’t like.

                “Your engagement to Lord Morton,” Cynthia’s mother began but Cynthia raised a hand in protest and practically shouted hysterically.

                “NO I’M NOT MARRYING HIM.”

                “Well I don’t know what else you're expecting,” Cynthia’s mother snapped.

                Cynthia huffed trying to calm herself. Her mother’s sapphire eyes glittered with a challenge in them. If she wasn’t careful she could end up like that splintered chair in the middle of the room. “Look, mother, even if I were to want to marry him, he probably wouldn’t want to after he found out about my lineage.”

                “No,” Her mother shook her head, “Lord Morton has always been interested in you for you since you both were young. You may not see it, but I think your marriage while it definitely had political benefits, and still does, would not be the only thing the two of you have. Truly, I think you two would be happy if you would let him in.”

                “Don’t try to manipulate the situation,” Cynthia snapped turning away from her mother. “I need time to think.”

                Her mother sighed behind her, “Well think of it this way. If you married Lord Morton you would still have power. Lord Morton controls most of the north. If anyone would be able to challenge your father and win it would be Lord Morton.”

                Cynthia froze for a second before spinning around to face her mother eyes wide in disbelief, “You think I should take the throne from father.”

                “I think you should help Lord Morton do it,” said Cynthia’s mother not batting an eyelash. “Your father has abandoned us.”

                “Perhaps,” Cynthia said grudgingly, “but I’d rather hear it from him myself before I commit to any such plans.”

                Cynthia’s mother frowned but she nodded in agreement, “Go to him then if you really don’t believe me. You’ll have to make your decision soon.”

                Cynthia scowled and turned away from her mother, marching out of the room. She would speak with her father first. Her mother had no reason to lie to her, and as far as Cynthia knew she had never lied to her. Still she felt compelled to speak with her father. To see if it were true.




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